Going Toward the Light

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Not long ago, I had the opportunity to meet with some leaders in Washington D.C. One individual we met was an older man from Ghana, someone with a lot of global power and ability in his job.

He told us that when he was a child he would walk to the airport for two hours every night.

“Why do you think I did that?” he asked.

We all looked around at each other, none of us wanting to say the wrong thing.

“I walked there so that I could study. In my village, we had no electricity, and I needed light to be able to study. So every night after school, I came home and walked to the airport, eating along the way.”

We all kind of just sat there, not sure what to say.

But it got me thinking … am I willing to walk two hours out of my way just to have some light?

Am I willing to do whatever it takes just to get some light in my life?

Scripture tells me that Jesus is the light of the world. Am I that desperate for Jesus that I’ll walk two hours to get to Him?

Talking to this man really put things into perspective. After telling us about his sacrifice to study, he told us that if he can get to his position, then we can, too.

If one can attain freedom, can the rest not as well?

What I learned was not how to be a director of a major organization on the global scale, but that I need to be willing to walk as far as it takes to reach Jesus. Sometimes it might feel like hours and miles, but is the warm light and freedom at the end not worth it?

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  • Sister Alena X. Ricci

    Sister Alena spends her days traveling around PA advocating for good public policy and attends the McKees Rocks Branch in Pittsburgh, the greatest city in the world.


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