God’s POWER to Heal

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Today’s article, by Brother Ricky Scaglione, is part of the GMBA Camp In. Be sure to check the calendar below for today’s events.

To me, there is no easier way to recognize the power of God than to see a physical healing. I am blessed enough to not only have experienced a physical healing, but also one that coincided with my calling to baptism.

It all started on Thanksgiving 1999, playing football with family. I may have been small back then — my nickname was Sticky Ricky because I was stick-thin — but I was fearless when it came to sports. That backfired when I tried to tackle a cousin several times my size and ended up on the bottom of quite a large pile. Imagine one of those cartoon squashings, where the person at the bottom of a heavy load leaves an imprint in the ground … that was me. I was taken to the hospital and was eventually diagnosed with torn cartilage between my ribs.

This injury changed my life. I was in pain almost constantly. I was put on round-the-clock medication that precluded me from being able to attend public school. I physically could not sit down. This lasted for over eight months. I was anointed several times but never found any relief.

Coming into GMBA Camp in 2000, I was 12 years old, and baptism was far from my mind. I was mostly there to see my friends and family. It was a blessed week with several from my age group asking for their baptisms at an evening meeting. In our seminar the next morning, they were asked to stand in the middle of the room and sing “I Surrender All.” I remember the looks on their faces as they sang, and when we were asked to join in the singing, I couldn’t get out a single word. I was overcome with the Spirit and, kneeling behind a chair because I still could not sit, I lowered my head and cried. After the song, the seminar leaders asked if anyone wanted to have prayer. I didn’t give it a second thought. I stood up, walked to the chair in the center of the room, and sat down. It was the first time since my injury that I was able to be seated and I felt NO PAIN. I asked for my baptism immediately after the prayer and was baptized after Camp on August 13, 2000 in Monongahela, Pennsylvania.

I have had many physical injuries in my life, with varying recovery times. Most of them have lingering effects. Since that day, I have not felt pain in my ribs once. I praise God for His mercy and for showing me His healing POWER!

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What’s coming up next?

Today, Wednesday, July 8

11 a.m. Eastern – Coffee Talk: What Is the Power of God to You? Presented by special guests and airing on the GMBA YouthCast channel.

8:30 p.m. Eastern – Live Zoom meeting for youth ages 13-30, facilitated by Brothers Cameron Staley and Aaron Palmeri. Keep an eye on the Gospel Email, Gospel Net, and GMBA social media for the Zoom links and instructions.

Tomorrow, Thursday, July 9

11 a.m. Eastern – The Power of the Proceeds, presented by Brothers Dave Lovalvo, Joe DiBattista, and Michael Watson, airing on the GMBA YouthCast channel.

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  1. Anonymous

    Bro Ricky
    I remember that little guy, and I remember you suffering through that injury. It has been a joy to watch you grow up to the incredible man that you are. May He continue to shine His love on you and your lovely family.


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