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Today’s Miracle Monday is a testimony of miraculous healing sent to us by Sister Dianne Maddox.

A few months ago, I found a lump on my back. I ignored it for a while, hoping it was nothing serious and would just go away. I was speaking to a sister who is a registered nurse, and the subject of my lump randomly came up.

She strongly encouraged me to see my doctor, which I did. The doctor said that it was a cyst that needed to be removed since this type of cyst could cause very serious issues. She referred me to a surgeon whom I saw later that week.

I prayed that God would take the cyst away and that I wouldn’t need surgery.

During the week, I could no longer feel the cyst, but I kept my appointment with the surgeon. The surgeon looked at my back and said there was nothing there and asked me if I had surgery. I said no, and he asked if I was sure because it looked like I did. Once again, I told him I had not had surgery. I said, “Maybe God took it!” after which he laughed a little.

The following Sunday, I wanted to shared what happened, so I asked the ministry if I could testify from the pulpit to make sure everyone could hear me. As I was testifying about this miracle in my life, a sister saw a glow around me and also saw the name of the church behind me flash and turn to white.

I believe the experience that our sister had wasn’t just for her and me. I believe it was given to her to show the power that God and His church have. I can’t help but wonder who am I that God looked past my shortcomings and chose to heal me.

Share Your Story of Healing

Did today’s article remind you of a time in your life when you were investigating or treating a medical condition, and the Lord removed it? Sometimes He does this so promptly that our minds can gloss over it. If you’d like to share your testimony with other Gospel Blog readers, we’d love to praise God with you.

Bio Dianne

This article has undergone ministry review and approval.


  • Sister Dianne Maddox

    Sister Dianne lives in Lake Worth, FL, with husband Brother Chuck and dog Charlie.


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