God of the Universe

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My boss is a good guy, but sometimes it would seem I get lost in the details of his work. He often forgets what he has asked me to do and obligates me for conflicting tasks without telling me. When we have a meeting scheduled, he frequently gets called elsewhere and has to cancel at the last minute. And when I reach out with a need, he’s typically too preoccupied to get back to me directly, so he sends someone else to take care of it.

With all that my boss has going on, it’s completely understandable that I sometimes get lost in the shuffle. He’s running a growing business and wears a lot of hats, and frankly my role isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of the company. He’s got bigger things to worry about.

God also had bigger things to worry about than my life. After all, He measured the waters in the hollow of His hand, and with the same hands marked off the heavens. He sits upon the circle of the earth and weighs the mountains in scales and the hills in a balance. He maintains storehouses of snow and hail and scatters the east wind across the land and sea. And He brings princes to nothing and makes the judges of the earth as vanity, for He alone determines the times and bounds of the nations and ordains the rise and fall of empires.

With everything that God is and does, He has every reason to disregard my plight as inconsequential, even more than any boss ever could. But He doesn’t. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. See, before I even had breath, God fearfully and wonderfully knit me together for a specific and unique purpose. He has an intended outcome for my life, and He guides my every step, preparing the way before and behind me.

Whether I find myself in the highest of heights or the deepest of depths, rising on the wings of the dawn, or settling on the far side of the sea, He is there. He gives me His time. He gives me His full attention. And when I had a need, He personally descended to earth and paid for it with His life.

How is it that the God who weaves together the infinitely complex tapestry of the universe would care to incorporate me, an unraveling scrap of thread, into His grand design, while my boss can justifiably hardly remember my name? Perhaps it’s because God does not want to be my boss; He wants to be my friend. And He wants to be your friend too.

When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers,
the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;
What is man, that thou art mindful of him?
and the son of man, that thou visitest him?
For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels,
and hast crowned him with glory and honour.
(Psalm 8:3-5)

References: Isaiah 40, Job 38, Psalm 139

This article has undergone ministry review and approval.


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