God is Not Arrogant

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Today’s article is Part 2 in a series about meekness written by an Original Atlantic Coast Member.

Arrogant: Having an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities

Is God arrogant? Of course not! His importance or abilities can never be exaggerated. When He tells us to put Him above all things and people, there is a deep and purposeful reason for it.

He wants to bring harmony in all situations, so by going to Him — and using His counsel in all things — we are then securing the wisest course of action that benefits everyone involved.

When people fall into much disarray and problems as a result of wanting their own will to reign, this leads to much confusion. Therefore, the wisest path to take in these situations is to rely completely on our Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit for the highest guidance. Putting God first and letting go of ego-related personal will … this will resolve tensions and negative encounters.

All true messengers of God in the scriptures and in history allowed God to be “in charge” and humbly submitted to His will rather than insisting on their own will to be done. Christ clearly and repeatedly showed this example in His life. Seeking God’s will above our own will assuredly brings about full success in any spiritual endeavor.

We can apply this same philosophy to any relationship. When two or more people put God first, they have the perfect recipe to have a true, harmonious interaction.

Based on the definition above, God is clearly not arrogant. He knows how important His direction and abilities are to guiding our lives. We just have to recognize it for ourselves.

This article has undergone ministry review and approval.


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