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Today’s Miracle Monday is a sweet story by Sister Donna Bogle. Enjoy!

When turning 18, most young people (and their parents) look forward to choosing a college or university, completing senior projects and pictures, going to prom, and the excitement of impending graduation to name a few. Our family isn’t like “most,” but we’ve still seen God’s great hand in our lives.

Having an autistic son has presented us with many challenges and countless blessings in our “peculiar” (1 Pe. 2:9) path. When our son turned 18, my husband and I began the process of applying for guardianship so that we can continue to be responsible for him. Unless we petition for guardianship, the law says that he can make decisions for himself regarding his health, safety, and all areas of life. Presently, Jacob isn’t capable of doing this.

Where to start? Of course, with the Lord, His church, and the many prayers from our brothers, sisters, and family.

We were advised to go the courthouse and begin the petitioning process six months before his birthday. We chose a day when we could both go. Before we entered the courthouse, we prayed again that God would direct us in our desire to care for our son.

I remember thinking, as we climbed the stairs of the courthouse, “I know one person who works here. We worked together over 40 years ago and ran into each other occasionally. Upon entering the courthouse and successfully passing through the metal detectors, we were just about to ask for directions when this former co-worker of mine walked through the door.

We were both stunned to meet. My husband and I hadn’t been to the courthouse since applying for our marriage license 35 years prior. I shared with her our need, and she directed us to Orphan’s Court just around the corner. Her presence and assistance gave us peace.

We approached a group of women and shared our desire to start the process. We were told we couldn’t proceed without an attorney. We were a bit disappointed, so I asked if they could recommend a lawyer. One of the workers picked up a flyer with over 100 names on it, asked where we lived, highlighted four names on the sheet, and handed it to me.

I took the list and immediately recognized a name, not because of reputation or advertising but because I remembered my cousin mentioning his name years ago. This cousin now lives in Texas. We left the courthouse on a Friday afternoon, and during our 15-minute drive home, I texted my cousin and shared our story. Before we got home, he contacted his wife who in turn contacted the attorney and texted me back that the attorney had instructed his staff to take my call as soon as I contacted him.

How quickly God answers our prayers! The lawyer and I spoke on Friday afternoon of July Fourth weekend and made an appointment to meet on July 5. God is so amazing.

Since our initial call and meeting, I’ve appeared before the judge and secured a court date for November 22, just two days after my son’s 18th birthday. Some may say coincidence….not in our peculiarly blessed life. We praise God for his intercession and goodness!

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  1. Teri-Lyn Tunno

    I thank God for directing you and opening doors for a rather difficult situation especially with all the processes and paperwork that need done. Jacob has been truly blessed to have Joe and you and also Juliet as his family. No doubt he knows of God’s amazing love through you and the many people God has brought into his life. May God continue to bless you all much!!


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