Experiences Resound as Our Churches Reopen

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Here are a few more brief reports of blessings experienced by branches that have reopened recently for in-person meetings.

The Levittown Branch enjoyed in-person fellowship on a Saturday evening with a sermon, anointing, and communion. The Spirit of God was felt in our meeting. In fact, at one point, a bright and intense golden shaft of sunlight blasted through the windows. It was so intense that it was noticed by all as the sanctuary was lit up and we had to adjust the blinds because the light was so bright. This is evidence of God’s power. All in attendance were happy and blessed — there were even some hugs — with many expressing a desire to meet in person again soon.

Mt Laurel, New Jersey, held its first in-person “parking lot” meeting, and it was wonderful. The meeting consisted of a sermon, anointing, and communion. Testimonies were powerful and music played through a portable speaker. The saints present were joyous and blessed to be together again.

Mount Laurel 2Mount Laurel 2

Maine reports that everything is going extremely well, with some very Spirit-filled meetings and several experiences. In one meeting, while communion was being served, Brother Richard Onorato Sr. saw the Lord stand, raise His hand, and put a blessing on everyone in the room saying, “Trust in Me, Trust in Me.”

God is truly blessing us as we come back together for in-person meetings.

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  1. Brother Gary Thompson

    Yes, GOD surely is Blessing us. Thank you JESUS!!!


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