Count Your Blessings, and Count Them Again

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Devotional | 2 comments


Do you agree that it’s important to count your blessings? To remind yourself of what God has done for you? (Same here!)

Today, we’re sharing some thoughts from Sister Christina DiCenzo on the many gifts that we’ve been given as part of The Church of Jesus Christ. We hope that this list fills any emptiness and settles any discontent that you are experiencing.

Like the Saints in the Church of Jesus Christ, I personally have tasted and seen how Great our God is — in ways that are supernatural, tangible, and life-changing.

I have been in the divine presence of God, not only in my branch but in branches around the world.

I have felt, at times, that I have been kneeling on holy ground, witnessing beautiful visions and miracles, hearing glorious testimonies of lives saved and changed completely. Many of us have personally seen how God has taken an impossible situation and turned that test into the greatest testimony.

I have heard singing in church that I know attracts the angels and heard sermons from the pulpit that I know Jesus has spoken and that God affirms. We are blessed to grow in scriptural understanding and wisdom through those gifted. Lessons and sermons taught and preached may be better than those of scholars, because they are prepared and orchestrated in love by the spirit of God. Where scripture is given, dissected, taught, and then digested by those who desire to learn, God’s message is rich and seasoned by the Spirit, as each person shares their testimonies in genuine gratitude of His goodness.

We leave feeling full and more than satisfied because the Lord has fed us, loved us, and blessed us.

When we are in need, we can receive Jesus’s touch through the ministry, our dedicated, committed, loving ministers, who have been given all authority. Like the disciples chosen by Jesus, our ministry has been chosen and is dedicated to living lives pleasing to Him. We see and appreciate how they sacrifice much and care for God’s flock, as Jesus did and taught.

We are honored to have been called into a family truly chosen to carry the name of Christ, reverencing him above all names. Knowing that the ordinances, laws, and teachings of our church are the very same that Jesus did thousands of years ago.

I am grateful to be growing in love with the Saints by loving God first and then others. We have been washed in the cleansing freedom of forgiveness and blessed in learning to surrender our ways to God’s ways and to forgive others and ourselves. We are blessed in knowing that we are a family of God that loves and prays for one another and is dedicated to carrying and passing the mantle on.

By leaning on and staying close to God and our church, we are learning (through tough times) how God is transforming us to be more like Christ. Though the road is not easy, we are never alone. We learn to trust and care more, just as Jesus did.

We are beyond grateful to know that God’s reward to his children is above and beyond anything this world has to offer and that our eternal reward will be worth it all.

As we separately and collectively continue to seek, worship, and love our God, He does not and will not fail us. He shows us light in the dark. Not only have we been freely given salvation through His blessed, glorious Son, but we have been given a glorious gift that gives year-round: The Church of Jesus Christ.

My New Year’s prayer is that all may come, taste, see and accept this most precious gift.

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  1. Brother Gary Thompson

    Thank you Sister for the much need words this Morning, GOD answered my Prayer this morning with this article. Beautiful. Praise THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and thank you GOD for this Church which is your Church.

    • Christina DiCenzo

      Dear Brother Gary,
      I praise God for your response.
      Reading now for the first time. “Thank you Lord, for your perfect timing and your words of truth that keep us steadfast & remind us you continue to work through your people as vessels. We are imperfect but you are God. Thank you for including us in your perfect timely works. In the only name that makes this possible, Jesus Christ our Lord.


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