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by | Apr 13, 2021 | Devotional | 7 comments

A few years ago, I received a phone call from Sister Carolynn O’Connor. “Hi Sister Dianne, would you be interested in helping out with the Gospel News?” I’ve always been a fan of the Gospel News so this was an easy yes for me. 

Being far removed from the main body of the church, I was very happy to be involved with something on the General Church level. 

Soon after that phone call, I began receiving mail addressed to The Church of Jesus Christ at my home in Florida. It was during Gospel News Subscription Donation Season, when almost every day, my mailbox was full of envelopes addressed to The Church of Jesus Christ.

The mail carrier asked me, “Do you know Doug Obradovich?” 

“Yes I do! Do you?” 

“When I was a teenager, I lived near the Difede family, and I would hang out with Doug and Jerry and Jerry’s family. You’re getting all of this mail addressed to The Church of Jesus Christ, so I wondered if this is the same church that Doug belongs to.” 

“Yes, it is!”

As our conversation continued, I discovered that we had another connection. Her last name is Overton. 

For several years in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Overton family hosted a fall festival for the Lake Worth Branch, consisting of a campfire, roasted hot dogs, smores, and hayrides. The Overton family was not associated with The Church of Jesus Christ, but they were associated with Sister Nancy Difede, who was a member of the Lake Worth Branch.

We reminisced about old times and the fun times that her very generous family had provided for our church family. 

That day was the beginning of a sweet relationship with Becky, my mail carrier.

Why am I sharing this story with you? 

Because if Brother Doug and Brother Jerry’s families had not been true to their calling, Becky would’ve had very different memories of them. If the brothers and sisters hadn’t shown the love of Jesus during our annual fall fests at the Overton home, my conversation with Becky would most likely have been very different. I wouldn’t have had the liberty to invite her to church and even our Zoom meetings, which she attended a few times. 

One day, Becky was no longer our mail carrier. I never found out why, but I’m thankful for the conversations we shared over the years.

We recently moved, and I’m beginning to receive Gospel News donations addressed to The Church of Jesus Christ at our current address (which, by the way, is 6899 Bayshore Dr. Lake Worth, FL 33462. Don’t let your donations go to my old address). 

I’m anxious to get to know my new mail carrier and maybe, just maybe, she or he will recognize the name of the church and we’ll share memories.

Thank you, Lake Worth saints for the pleasant conversations I had in my driveway with Becky. Because you shined your lights three decades ago, my path was lit up a few years ago. 

I’m reminded of the song “Find Us Faithful.” As we walk through this life and do our best to shine the light of Christ, not only is it seen by those around us, but it is seen by those who come after us. 

Let’s do our best to leave a clear, clean and bright path for those who come behind us. 

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Mt. 5:16)

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  1. Brother Gary Thompson

    Thats such a Beautiful experience for you and Becky. Praise JESUS.

  2. Ken

    Uplifting article, Sis. Di.

    • Susan Scime

      Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  3. Sister Cindy C

    Enjoyed your article and very true.

  4. Anthony Scolaro

    Excellent article and good point about the impressions we leave. It’s a smaller world than we think sometimes. I was reminded of another Gospel News-mail story: The mail carrier for Brother Matthew Rogolino’s home in New Jersey told them that when each issue of the Gospel News arrived he would take it home and read it before delivering it to them!!

    • Chuck Maddox

      I love that, Brother Anthony!

    • Christina DiCenzo

      I love this true story. Yes, God bless all the Saints that make sharing the church easy. What a beautiful hallmark story & Im sure many that come behind you can do the same.


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