An Angel in the Dark of Night

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Today’s Miracle Monday is from Sister Patty Kerby, where she responds to our prompt in which we requested experiences about angels.

I have been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ for 42 years. Throughout my life and years in the church, there have been many people (earthly angels) that have come to my aid and to my family in times of need. This particular instance happened many years ago.

I was attending the Yucaipa Branch in California at the time. The church building was located about an hour from my house. I was driving by myself to a Wednesday night service. At that time, I had no cell phone — I cannot imagine myself without one now. The road that I always traveled was part freeway and part scenic winding road through mountains.

I had just gone through the winding area when the worst happened — a flat tire. The evening was pitch black; I could see a light coming from a house in the distance maybe 100 yards away.

There I sat, in my car, without a phone to call anyone, and I was not about to try to change a tire. I began to pray and ask God what I should do. My choices were to stay in my car in the pitch blackness of the night or walk up to a strange house and ask if I could use their phone. The Lord prompted me to trust Him and walk up to the house.

As I stood back from the door on the porch, I asked this stranger to use his phone, telling him I had a flat tire. He asked me if I had a spare, which I did, but it turned out that the spare needed a lot of air also. He pumped up the spare tire and changed it for the flat.

I continued on to church driving very slow on this little donut of a tire. I was so very thankful for this kind man, my angel in the dark of night. But most importantly, I’m so thankful to God for being with me, for helping me to listen to His prompting.

Needless to say, though, I soon purchased my first cell phone.

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