A Visitor’s Guide to Doubt

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Recently I took a trip to a place called Doubt, famous for its confusion, insecurity, and total lack of confidence — a trip sponsored by The Man Downstairs. Reviews of Doubt range from “The literal worst” to “I’m never going back there again,” which explains its zero-star rating (not surprised). My hope is that you’ll never find yourself passing through. But just in case you do, here’s a little guide I put together to help you find your way out.

Things you should know when you arrive: There are no certainties. There is no past or current evidence that God is real, and there are definitely no answered prayers. There are, however, lots of folks repeating phrases like, “I just don’t know,” and, “No, that can’t be true,” and, “Are you sure you don’t want to overthink that until you’re blue in the face questioning everything you ever believed?” Very comforting. (Not.) You can’t make a decision without considering all the negative “what ifs.” And don’t even try to trust that things will work out because the second you do, you’ll think of 10 reasons it won’t.

Other things of note: Every road is broken. And they’re all named “The Right One” so you never actually know which to take. Also everyone else in Doubt is just as unsure as you, so don’t ask for directions. They’ll just steer you wrong.

Basically, it’s not the best place in the world. And if you can avoid it at all costs, you should. But as an experienced traveler to Doubt and other places like Anxiety and Fear, I know that it’s easy to get lost and find yourself there.

Here’s the solution, folks. Just outside of Doubt, there’s a place called Faith, where every prayer is answered, every human lifts you up, and the best part? God is real. Like, for-real real. Faith’s reviews range from “I’m never leaving!” to “A hidden gem!” to (my personal favorite) “Everything just works!”

So how do you ditch Doubt and find Faith? It’s not easy, but you won’t regret the journey. Doubt will give you roadblocks, detours, and U-turns to delay your departure. But if you really want out, try what works for me:

  1. Pray. Seems obvious, but it’s foolproof. Ask Him to show you the door and for His voice to be louder than the iffy ones around you. Then, listen for His cues.
  2. Phone a friend. Preferably, one who’s been to Doubt and back. They’ll recall their own experiences, remind you that Doubt is full of lies, and help you find the exit. (P.S. I can be that person for you. Seriously. crose1224@gmail.com)
  3. Practice walking on water. When Jesus called Peter to step out on the water, he didn’t hesitate. He was walking! On water! Until he doubted and sank. The more we practice putting our trust in Him, the easier it is to live in Faith.

The message Jesus gave us with that story is pretty clear: When we activate our faith, we get closer to Him. When we doubt His power, we fall. Remember this: Doubt is a place designed by the enemy to trick us, trap us, and make us lose our footing. Meanwhile, Faith is a place designed by our awesome God where we can hear His direction, feel His comfort, and relax into His Spirit. I think we all know, undoubtedly, which one we’d choose. So, road trip anyone?

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  1. Brother Gary Thompson

    Yea and amen!!!

  2. Suzanne Beeman

    WOW This was a great blog. Thank you for your inspired words.

  3. Melanie Risola

    My incredible cousin!!! What a light of the world and a light in my life! I love you!

  4. Jim calabro

    Great Job Sister Charity on your Post love it true words


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