A Pap-Pap Moment With the Lord

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One Sunday morning in the Mesa Branch, Arizona, Brother Pete Giannetti ended his sermon by encouraging us to have a Pap-Pap moment with the Lord. To back this statement up, he described how he spent the prior evening with his precious, newest grandson, Baby Leo. Baby Leo was getting fussy when his mom tried to put him in his car seat to return home. Brother Pete asked his daughter to give him a moment with Baby Leo.

Brother Pete took Baby Leo into his arms and sang a lullaby to him. This began to calm the baby, and his eyes started to drift to sleep. He asked Mom if he could hold the baby just a little longer. Then, Mom fastened Baby Leo in his car seat, and wouldn’t you know it, he was calm and slept the whole way home.

Brother Pete’s suggestion to have a Pap-Pap moment with the Lord resonated with me.

As I write this, I am going through a trial where I feel like I’ve been surrounded in battle, and the only thing I can safely do is surrender. In my cries to the Lord, the verse He showed me is from Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God…” Can I be still enough to remain calm in this storm, or am I going to make a fuss and scream and try to figure this out? The only thing I found I could do in this situation is to be still. Just like the example of Baby Leo, if I am still enough to hear the Lord’s voice, then I will be brought to a place of safety.

Logically, I know what to do, but my emotions get in the way. Like the baby, I start fussing at the idea of something uncomfortable. Surely, Leo has already figured out that he doesn’t like the car seat. Who could blame him? Riding backwards and being all constrained cannot be very fun. However, something superseded the fuss. It was the loving, soothing voice of his grandfather — the Pap-Pap moment.

So what does a Pap-Pap moment with the Lord look like?

  • Is it hearing His voice through scripture?
  • Is it hearing His voice through song?
  • Is it hearing His voice through prayer?
  • Is it hearing His voice in testimony?
  • Is it hearing His voice through the Holy Spirit?

Knowing that my Father has urged me to be still and know that He is in control of my situation does bring me comfort. Even though I do have to be uncomfortable for a while until it is resolved, I need to rest in His promises and spend a Pap-Pap moment with the Lord, hearing His voice and feeling the love that only my Father can give.

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  1. Tommy Venafro

    Nice job with this Linda. Well done!


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