A Feet Washing I Will Never Forget

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The pleasing Word of God states, “For though ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers…”. 1 Cor 4:15. I want to share with you an experience I had with one of my spiritual fathers in the Gospel, Brother Pete Giannetti, Sr. 

Let me start by simply stating that I spent many, many hours in the home of Brother Pete and Sister Patti. They opened their home to us (as young brothers) and we cut our teeth discussing the many pearls found in both The Bible and Book of Mormon in their basement. I cherish those memories SO much! And Sister Patti made such an awesome salad!

Well, fast forward some years, and Brother Pete (a fantastic minister of the Aliquippa Branch) was getting older and was afflicted with a condition that (I would simply say) took away his speech. At the time of this experience, he had pretty much lost his ability to speak and would only say a word or two, but mostly he just made “sounds.” 

I knew that Brother Pete was moving to Michigan soon and that my time to worship with him in the same branch was most likely coming to an end. It was a feet washing Sunday, and the Lord put it on my heart that I wanted to wash his feet! I had such a desire to ask God to bless him for ALL that he had done for me! Little did I know, Brother Pete was going to be the source of another blessing (for me)! 

Well, I washed his feet and offered the best prayer I could, asking God to bless and keep him in every way. When I was done, we greeted one another and enjoyed a wonderful moment in God’s Love. He then motioned for me to sit down as he was intending to now wash MY feet! To be honest with you…I panicked! I thought in my heart, “No, Lord, please! I don’t want him to try this and embarrass himself or cause a scene!” I felt as though all my desires to be a blessing to him were crashing down right before my very eyes. 

I said a simple prayer in my heart and just sat down as he was motioning for me to do. What happened next is why this was a feet washing I will never forget. 

He grabbed the towel, knelt before me, took my foot in his hand and picked his head up to lock his eyes upon mine. He then said with perfect clarity to me, “DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU?!” 

That’s all I heard, and to be honest, was there anything else to say that more perfectly embodies the ordinance of feet washing? Oh, the Love of God is TRULY ”greater far than tongue or pen can ever tell”! 

He washed my feet without incident and without any more words. He did the entire job with just 10 words! That’s all that were needed that day! I will never forget this small (yet significant) “miracle” in my life when the Good Lord released Brother Pete’s tongue to express to me “the pure Love of Christ” (Moroni 7:47). 

I thank God for Brother Pete, who now resides in the paradise of God, and I thank The Almighty for this simple experience.

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