A Close Look at the Songs of Zion: Sing Glory!

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While many of us have a favorite hymn from the beautifully inspired hymns of praise that have touched our hearts and brought tears to our eyes, The Songs of Zion are unique to our Church. They are songs that belong to a new time; they belong to a new era; they belong to our people. They are songs sent from the throne of God as a gift to The Church of Jesus Christ. They are inspirational and related to Christ and His promises of the latter-day times and events. This gift was given to our late Sister Arlene Buffington, as our songs of hope and joy, looking forward to the fulfillment of the kingdom of Zion, bathed in the latter-day glory of the restoration.

Today I’d like to consider No. 146 “Sing Glory,” by looking at the meaning and application of the song, because it’s too easy to sing without paying attention to the words and their meaning.



Sing glory to God, He has given His son, for my life on the tree. 

Once Satan had called me his captive, Now glory to God I am free.


The angels in heaven sing, “Glory,” His praises continually ring. 

For God has done wonders in heaven, And wonders on earth so we sing.


Sing glory to God, He has promised. That all He has planned He’ll perform. 

He’s parting the heavens to save us And carry us out of the storm.


Seen riding the clouds, Christ is coming, In pow’r and great glory to earth. 

To visit His saints that are building, The walls of His kingdom on earth.


Sing glory, sing glory, sing glory! 

Our God has done wonderful things. 

He saved us, we’re building His kingdom, 

‘Tis glory to God that we sing.

©2006 Arlene Lea Buffington

This song says it all, doesn’t it? Our God has done wonderful things. He saved us, we’re building His kingdom, ‘Tis glory to God that we sing! (Psalm 96:1)

The first verse directs ME to sing glory—why? because God has given ME His son, for MY life through His death. This is personal. It’s about what Jesus did for ME. And although satan once had called me his captive, now that I’VE repented of my sins and covenanted with Him through baptism, glory to God!!! 

Now the remaining verses broaden the picture and use the pronouns “we” and “us” to describe the big picture.

The second verse reminds us that even the angels in heaven sing, “Glory.” Why? Because God has done wonders in heaven and on earth. Think of the wonder of creation (Genesis chapters 1 and 2); the wonder of the angels of God, created to minister to men (Moroni 7:22-25); the wonder of how the Holy Ghost dwells within us to lead, guide, and direct our lives (2 Nephi 31:18); the wonder of conception and the miracle of birth; the wonder of the Lord’s personal involvement in our individual lives; and, of course, the wonder of the plan of salvation that involved the Son of God, His death, and resurrection (2 Corinthians 5:21). To these and countless other wonders, we sing glory to our God. 

Are there other wonders in heaven and earth beyond these examples?

Well, verse three tells us that ALL that God has promised and planned will be fulfilled: the restoration of His priesthood authority and The Church, the work of the Gentiles among Joseph, the Choice Seer, the gathering of a remnant of Israel who follow Christ, the building of Zion, the peaceful reign, etc. And He’ll ensure every “jot and tittle” (3 Nephi 12:18) is fulfilled by giving us the assurance that He’ll carry us out of the storm …or said another way, “… the righteous need not fear” (1 Nephi chapters 21 and 22). 

Finally, verse four encourages us all to continue to look to Christ because He’s coming once again in great power and glory to earth. Why? Because He’ll visit His saints that are building His kingdom on earth—The Church of Jesus Christ!

Many of the lessons of the Bible and Book of Mormon come from the failures of God’s chosen people to create God’s kingdom throughout the Old Testament and Book of Mormon. Maybe the most important lesson that we learn in the scriptures is that the Kingdom of God is not something we wait for, nor is it something we earn through works of obedience. It is not a reward for good behavior, but it is the result of our living and worshiping in unity and righteousness that brings about the fullness of God’s spirit and power. 

The ministry of Jesus Christ was an “instruction manual” on how to build the kingdom, and, in reading Bible and Book of Mormon, we find multiple references to: treat people as equals, forgive others, love your enemies, go out of your way to serve others, see people as God sees them, repent of your sins daily, love them as you love yourself, share the joy of Christ and hope of salvation, give thanks and praise, serve the Lord in spirit and in truth, and seek first the kingdom by placing Jesus first in our lives (see the red-letter Words of Jesus Christ).

 May God bless us as we “Sing Glory” for all that God has done.

Add link to the song: 

SING GLORY – audio clip (Rich Nath has access)

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  1. anonymous

    When will we have all 239 SOZ (words and music) in one book for the branch piano player?

    When will we have these complete SOZ hymn books in the back of the pews?


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