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The Church of Jesus Christ is rooted in the truth of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s vision for mankind as communicated through scripture. It represents the kingdom of Jesus Christ as He established it here on earth; restored in glory for mankind with the same gifts, ordinances, structure and faith. The Church serves humbly as a gateway through which God’s spirit can be shared with the world. It is a spiritual home for people across the globe and a conduit for God’s blessings and miracles.


  • Christ's Righteousness: Camp Spotlight Day 5

    Written by Sister Michelle Watson, on Friday, July 20, 2018., Posted in Scripture Study

    Today is the final day of GMBA Camp! This morning, three busses filled with young people left campus for Lake Perris to witness the scheduled baptisms. The Lord was not done calling souls because more requested baptism at the water's edge. What a blessing to witness lives changed, and what a blessed assurance to know that it's because of Christ's righteousness that we are saved!

    Here are the names of all those who requested baptism this week at camp.

    • Tyler Armitage
    • Jacob Bojorquez
    • Kim Hemmings
    • Colleen Joe
    • Brooke Lambert
    • Alayna Landrey
    • Wyatt Landrey
    • Derrick Marquez
    • Riley O'Sullivan
    • Logan Rowell
    • Shay Smith
    • Shane Thomas
    • Charles Walmsley
    • David Williams
    • Julia Zarate
  • God's Strength: Camp Spotlight Day 4

    Written by Sister Michelle Watson, on Thursday, July 19, 2018., Posted in Special Series

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    Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

    A Different Kind of Weather Forecast

    On Wednesday, several souls came to Christ and requested baptism! We will have full details for you tomorrow, but we'd like to share one remarkable testimony with you right now.

    Early Wednesday morning, around 4 a.m., some campers — the lighter sleepers, maybe —awoke to loud peals of thunder and several cracks of lightning. This wasn't the soft thunder you hear on those "relaxing atmosphere" CDs. This was enough to wake me, Sister Michelle, the writer, from sleep. Now, if you've been paying attention to the weather report the last few days, it's been super hot with no rain. There's been some cloud cover, but summer monsoons aren't really a thing in this part of California.