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We are excited to welcome you to the 2020 GMBA “Camp In!” As we embark on a week together, we pray that the messages we hear seep into our minds and hearts so that they feed our souls, infuse the Power of God into our spirits, and propel life-changing moments.  Here is a link to the week's schedule of videos, podcasts, Zoom meetings, songs and more!  Look for links to be released through Gospel Net and Gospel Email as the week goes on. God Bless You!


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The General Missionary Benevolent Association (GMBA) is a national youth ministry dedicated to the spiritual birth and growth of young people. The Church of Jesus Christ supports young people to help them live and grow in a complex and changing world. Through the GMBA, youth have opportunities to witness God’s spirit, serve the Lord alongside their peers, and grow spiritually together.

The GMBA has supported The Church over the year in all of its goals, with an emphasis on global and domestic missionary efforts. It also sponsors weekend retreats and longer 'Camp' style retreats. The GMBA has its own structure and by-laws within the parent Church organization.

The GMBA also includes these programs: 


  1. Spiritual birth - bring our young people to the true knowledge of Jesus Christ
  2. Spiritual growth - maintain, mature and/or strengthen their relationship with Christ 
  3. Fellowship - provide opportunities for our young people to spend wholesome time together
  4. Love - show them the love of God in action
  5. Mentorship - provide them living, Christ-like examples
  6. Missionary training - provide specific training and opportunities for missionary and charitable works


  • Youth conferences
  • GMBA CAMP - Summer youth retreat
  • Youth in Action - missionary and charitable outreach effort
  • Student Support Program - sign up to receive supportive emails
  • PIN program - religious badge program for girl and boy scouts of America
  • Kids' for Christ - children support program

Here’s what some of our young people are saying about GMBA:

“I love that my whole family is here together. This camp and God’s spirit is touching my family in different ways and this is a huge blessing.” – Sister Vanessa P.

“Being able to visit with the brothers and sisters and meet new people. I meet new people every time I come to camp!” – Sister Lisa D.

“Teaching my 9- and 10-year-old class. I love being able to talk about God with them and hear them use Him in their answers, something I cannot do in my typical classroom.” – Sister Shannon H.

“I got to see my 11 and 12 year old class make the connection between the Old Testament sacrifices and Christ coming and being the ultimate sacrifice. It was their ‘ah-ha moment’ and I am so blessed to have been a part of it.” – Sister Elizabeth K.

“I love making connections with people my age because there are not many young people in my small mission back home. It’s great how I can be friends with people I haven’t seen in a while.”  – Brother Kiley O.


Search our locations and ask The Church of Jesus Christ about an MBA program nearest you! For more information, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.