General Ladies' Uplift Circle

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The Church of Jesus Christ provides a framework for sisters to unite into a whole that is greater than its parts. Through the General Ladies' Uplift Circle, sisters enjoy rich fellowship and unity of spirit and purpose through their work to uplift others and support the missionary work of the church.  

Our goal is to spiritually develop our membership while supporting the missionary efforts of The Church of Jesus Christ. We are a worldwide organization with local Ladies’ Uplift Circles organized in branches and missions throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, India and Africa.  Our auxiliary was created by inspiration 92 years ago for the benefit of the women of The Church of Jesus Christ. Being active in your local Circle means that you aid every aspect of The Church of Jesus Christ simply by being a part of the General Ladies’ Uplift Circle. If you have a desire to work, there is a great work to do and you can find your place in our organization.

 The aims of the General Ladies’ Uplift Circle are:

  1. To assist The Church of Jesus Christ in its missionary work, especially among God’s Covenant People, the Native Americans, and also among the Gentiles.
  2. To promote a close fellowship among sisters and friends throughout The Church by praying and sharing their problems and joys with one another.
  3. To attract nonmembers to The Church.
  4. To provide wholesome, beneficial study of God’s Word and opportunities for meaningful service.


As one of our goals is to enrich the lives of our women as they help these efforts, every three years we have a General Ladies’ Uplift Circle Fellowship Weekend which is held in a different city throughout the United States. Our purpose is to increase fellowship and raise our spiritual lives to a higher standard, so that we might be better women and members of The Ladies’ Uplift Circle and The Church of Jesus Christ.

The Little Ladies' Circle involves our young girls ages 5 to 12. Our girls are being taught the principles of the Gospel along with service in both spiritual and natural applications in a way that is easy to understand.

Our newest program is the Circling the Circle Goodwill Tour. The President and Vice President of the General Ladies' Uplift Circle visit outpost local Circles that are unable to come to Conference with any regularity. Our goal is to encourage and uplift these local Circles and help them to feel they are a meaningful part of our organization regardless of distance or size.


Attend your local Circle meeting and see what they are up to! Attend The Church of Jesus Christ or browse our locations to find a Circle nearest you. For more information, email the General Ladies' Uplift Circle: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.