Peter’s Mother-in-law: Healed Right Where She Was

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This article is part of Sister Alena X. Ricci’s series “Women in the Bible.”

As Jesus was making His travels around, He went to Simon Peter’s house, where his mother-in-law was sick with fever.

Luke 4:38 says that “they besought Him for her.”

So Jesus stands over her, rebukes the fever, it leaves, and she gets up to serve them.

This woman gets healed and stands up to work.

With no fuss, no big deal.

She just simply is healed and goes back to work for those in her home.

Now I’m over here like, “Where’s the spectacle? Where’s the crowd? Where’s the big celebration of her healing?”

But that’s the best part of this story and the lesson I found hiding in plain sight: that Jesus’ miracles are wrought daily in our lives.

That even without the spectacle and the crowds, His hand is moving every moment of every day for us, even in those ordinary places like our kitchens or our cars.

I’ve been studying some of Jesus’ miracles, and one thing that strikes me is that He finds people in the most ordinary places. Like the beggar on the side of the street, or this woman who has a fever in her own home.

It’s no setting for the next Avengers film, but something great happened there.

And, to me, this is what redemption is: that Jesus finds us in our ordinary, boring, depressing places and saves us right there.

He interrupts our monotony and our daily lives.

And saves us.

I find this story particularly poignant in times of quarantine, as we’re all stuck in our homes even on Sundays.

Even though I’m sitting at my desk on our Zoom Sunday service in sweatpants and drinking iced tea, Jesus Christ interrupts me and does something great.

Isn’t that the greatest? That you can be sitting on your couch and feel God moving.

And that was this woman: she was probably healed right from her bed.

Because Jesus came to her, just like He’s coming to you.

Image credit: Detail from “Christ healing Peter’s mother-in-law” by Joost van Geel (Dutch, 1631–1698)

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  1. Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Awesome blog! This is a story that I missed in my reading. What a blessing as you bring it to life with significant importance. It is so true how Jesus visits us in ways that we sometimes do not realize and acknowledge. Praise God for all that He does!


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