Youth in Action Field Journal: Day 2

Written by Sister Kathryn Genaro on Tuesday, August 05, 2014. Posted in Special Series

Youth in Action Field Journal: Day 2

Today, we're continuing with our YIA field journals from the Spartanburg tour in July. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

By Sister Kathryn Genaro

Today's Timetable

9 a.m. Morning chapel led by Brother Liam Turley, Brother Jared Stone, Brother Jackson Hamet, and Brother Justin Benyola on finding our strength through God
10 a.m. Singing at a nursing home
12 p.m. Lunch at the Spartanburg Branch
1-3 p.m. Canvassing for VBS
6 p.m. Branch cookout

Today's Takeaway

On Tuesday, we visited our third nursing home. This nursing home was different because it reminded me a lot of the assisted living facility my grandmother lives in. It started to upset me because I had not seen her in a while. My family and I visit her every Sunday after church, and because I went to GMBA campout and then straight to Youth in Action, I had not seen her in a few weeks. My grandmother is almost 93 years old, so I try to spend as much time with her as I can. While we were at the nursing home, I realized that it is OK that I have not seen my grandma or been able to make her smile, but I did make someone else's grandma smile.

Today's Tickler

Something silly that happened on Tuesday was the obsession with "Frozen," a children's movie that is very popular right now. I have not yet seen the movie "Frozen," but I do know the songs. While we were in the van on our way to a nursing home, someone decided to play songs from "Frozen." I kid you not. It was as if they rehearsed it because the entire van, even Brother Mike Nuzzi, belted out all the songs in unison.

YIA Day 2a

Summer Reading Challenge Daily Assignment

3 Nephi 7-9

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