You Are Free. You Just Don't Know It

Written by Sister Alena X. Ricci on Tuesday, September 29, 2015. Posted in Devotional

You Are Free. You Just Don't Know It

Today's blog comes all the way from Santiago, Chile, where our resident blogger Sister Alena Ricci has been studying for the past few months.

“You are free, you just don’t know it yet.” – "Redeeming Love," Francine Rivers

I can truly say that I love this city and these people. Both are truly a wonder to me. Today we had the opportunity to visit the oldest and biggest cathedral in Santiago, and it was awe-inspiring. It’s plated in gold and bronze everywhere and when we walked inside, there were people praying while tourists (me) walked around taking pictures of them talking to God.

As I kept walking through the cathedral, everywhere there were statues and pictures and paintings of Jesus Christ dead or dying.

And people were standing in front of them crying.

But, why are they crying?

…because as it turns out, JESUS IS ALIVE.

It was very frustrating for me personally to see people crying over their Savior who has already risen.

In orientation, we talked about how a lot of younger Chileans are going away from the church and religion, and I feel like this is why: because as a culture and as a people, there is much more focus on the fact that Jesus died instead of the fact that He beat death and is alive.

If there is one thing that I wish that we as a group of U.S. students could do on this trip, it would be just telling these people that He is alive, catching each of their tears of grief.

These people are already free, I just don’t think that they know it yet.

Photo Credit: Sister Alena X. Ricci

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  • Anonymous


    29 September 2015 at 18:53 |
    What a wonderful experience you are having being able to study in Santiago, Chile! I have no doubt of the beauty of the Churches there. As you described the scene, I could not help but wonder if they were pouring out their woes and problems to Jesus through their tears. I hope you get an opportunity to talk to some of the locals to find out what their belief is. How interesting that would be! God bless you much and may He provide an opportunity for you to share the Gospel! Sis. Tlt :)


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