Unapologetically Wild

Written by Sister Alena X. Ricci on Tuesday, June 17, 2014. Posted in Devotional

Unapologetically Wild

"I've discovered that there is definitely something wild in the heart of God."

I had been reading one of the many books on my summer reading list, when my eyes attached themselves to that particular line.

What in the world was this supposed to mean?

I mean, really: there can't be anything "wild" about God, because He is a God of order.


So I did some exploring.

And I realized that the statement that the character had made in that book was right.

There is something wild in the heart of God.

Think about the different aspects of the world that God has created around us for us. There are thunderstorms and lions and oceans that sunlight doesn't even touch the bottom of.

Creation is unapologetically wild.

It's wild and full of risk and adventure because the world we live in requires faith. A world that contains no such risk would demand no such faith, and where would we be without faith?

And yet, this "wild" world that we live in is the one that God has specifically created for us to live in because He wants us to live by faith.

And living by faith is pretty wild — because it's living with your eyes closed and your heart open, and nothing is harder than that.

I know faith is hard for me because I get frustrated. But faith is being sure in what you believe. And with that surety, what you believe becomes what you know.

Although I tend to not think of western Pennsylvania as a "wild" habitat, it most certainly is. It is unpredictable for us (and apparently also to the weather people). From the rainstorms to the highways, we can't predict what's going to happen, and that's where faith shows itself.

To me, faith is understanding that we will not always be safe and dry and warm, but that we we're promised that in the midst of all of this wildness, God is right there with us. And there is no better place to be than in the palm of His hands.

Summer Reading Challenge Daily Assignment

Jacob 6-7

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