Why Are You a Missionary?

Written by IMOC on Thursday, May 14, 2015. Posted in Missionary Trips

Why Are You a Missionary?

If you caught our top 10 takeaways from April Conference a few weeks ago, you may remember a reference to the video that the IMOC shared.

(By the way, IMOC = International Missionary Operating Committee. This is the organization that oversees all missionary work outside the U.S.)

The video captures many of The Church's current missionaries on video answering the question, "Why do you continue to be a missionary?"

Today, we're publishing this short, five-minute video so you can re-watch it (if you were at conference) or see it for the first time. Feel free to share it with the brothers and sisters in your branch who may not have viewed it yet.

If you're reading on email, click here to watch the video in an Internet browser.

This article has undergone ministry review and approval. 

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