Who Helped You?

Written by Brother Jason Monaghan on Tuesday, April 08, 2014. Posted in Testimonies, Miracles

Who Helped You?

In our lives we have experiences of people who took the time to make us see Christ in them, to make us feel loved, to make us feel special. Below is an experience that I want to share of how a Brother of The Church simply gave his time (and in my mind), allowed us to dig our young feet into the Gospel.

My Brother Patrick and I were blessed to have "Brother Carl" in our life. He was one who took time for us, a faithful member of The Church. One day he had a beautiful experience.

We were leaving an amusement park called White Swan Park. My Brother was probably 10 and I was around 8. As we left the park, Brother Carl asked us, "what else do you boys like to do?" Patrick replied, "We like to fish!" "Brother Carl" then heard the voice of God speak to him saying, "One day they will be fishers of men."

When he heard this, he thought, "Lord, How can I share this with them? They are so young!" He then heard The Lord speak a second time saying, "When this place is no longer here, I will make them fishers of men."

Brother Carl then turned to see the amusement park we had just left, and to his surprise, he had a vision and the park was gone! The Lord repeated, "When this place is no longer here, I will make them fishers of men." The experience ended.

Well, at the same time my Brother and I were baptized, the park was torn down to make way for the new interchange for the new Pittsburgh International Airport. Pretty amazing!

This experience has brought me much strength through the years! Every time I pass the interchange where White Swan Park was, it brings to my mind a special message to me, and I am thankful for Brother Carl putting himself in the way to hear God speak!

I hope you were blessed to read this experience. So, I will now go back to my very first question, "Who helped you?" I am sure you have similar people that came into your life as a young person who were instruments in The Hand of God!

Now It's Your Turn!

The GMBA affords many opportunities for all of us to "pay it forward" and to be "Brother Carl" to someone else! The next opportunity is this May! Please make plans to come and influence the lives of our youth! If you're young, come to Liberty Ohio to have some fun and reconnect with your Church friends! If you're not-so-young, please come and help! "Brother Carls" are needed! More details will follow soon, but here is all you need to know for now:

May GMBA (the weekend of May 17th)
Liberty, Ohio

Please mark your calendar and start making plans!

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  • Bethany


    09 April 2014 at 01:46 |
    I have had so many "Bro Carl's" in my life. If I tried to list them all here, I would surpass the character limit. :) Even in my adult life, I still have those mentors (young and old) who help me be a better person and draw me closer to The Lord. Just tonight, when traveling for work, I had dinner with an amazing Brother and Sister in Christ who spent their evening sharing with me and encouraging me.


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