What Does the Gospel Sound Like?

Written by Sister Vicki Ali on Thursday, July 10, 2014. Posted in Devotional

What Does the Gospel Sound Like?

It happens every year. As our family vacation week approaches, I assemble a playlist of perfect beach music. Inevitably, I never seem to reach for my earbuds as I drag my chair toward the water's edge. Am I leery of sand or water damaging my device? Truth is, I am utterly mesmerized by the sound of the ocean.

Suddenly that great music list pales in comparison to the majestic orchestra in front of me. For me, the sound of waves crashing on the shore is one of the most relaxing sounds on earth.

I can almost feel my blood pressure drop and the stresses of life fade into the background with the repetitive rhythm of the waves punctuated by the squeals of shore birds. And as one good beach song says, " My only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair."

Of course, there are a million life analogies at the shore. The horizon as my unknown future, and all the power and fury of the ocean reflect its Creator, whose love and grace roll gently to where I am and swirl around my feet. This scene just never gets old for me. I know our time at the beach will end quickly, and when it does, I cannot wait to get back to this place.

I return to work after vacation inwardly a little sad, yet my coworkers never fail to notice how happy I am, and — of course — they can see by my skin that I've been in the sun.

Isn't the sound of the gospel just as sweet? When I am listening to a sermon or lesson inspired by God's Spirit, it captivates me and calms my soul. The worries of life fade into the background with the sound of His power and strength. No matter that the message may be as repetitive as the waves, does the story of God's redeeming love reaching me on earth's shore ever get old? Do I long to get back to this place to hear it again?

And on Monday morning can the world notice my joy, and is it evident I've been in the Son?

The Songs of Zion No. 133

The Gospel has a sound we know,
No other sounds the same,
The Church of Jesus Christ will stand
It's built upon his name
There are so many sounds on earth today
There are many spirits too
But nothing sounds so clearly sweet,
and nothing rings so true.

The Gospel has a lovely sound,
It penetrates the night
It lifts away the heaviness
and makes the burdens light...

Summer Reading Challenge Daily Assignment

Alma 23-24

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