Ways to Revive That Gathering Spirit

Written by Sister Erin Light on Thursday, April 26, 2018. Posted in Devotional

Ways to Revive That Gathering Spirit

Today, we're bringing you the second part of Tuesday's article, "Don't Scatter … Gather!" Go back and check it out if you missed it.

When going to Church falls lower on my priority list, I know that I'm in need of a mindset shift. Here are some ideas and inspirations that I use to revive the spirit of gathering in myself.

Meet Oft

Fellowship doesn't have to happen only once or twice a week. "For where two or three are gathered..." I can invite a few sisters and brothers to meet up at a local coffee shop, ice cream parlor, a park, etc. Create friendships, stick together, and encourage one another.

Stick Around a While

I can plan ahead to bring lunch to Church and eat it after the service. That way, I'm in the mindset to stay a bit longer in fellowship while I'm there.

23 years or younger?

GMBA Camp is FREE if you're under 23 years old. (And it's in my home state, California, this year!) Special events like camps, retreats, and conferences can sometimes seem tough to get to, but they are so worth it.

Don't Skip Feet Washing Sunday

Jesus told Peter he would have "no part with Him" if Peter didn't partake in feet washing — talk about a wake-up call! Humbling myself in this ordinance reminds me of God's selfless example and strengthens my unity with my sisters and brothers.

Get Involved!

Sometimes I have to remind myself not to be shy about volunteering to help out or take an office in Ladies' Circle, MBA, or the branch. Instead of wondering why "it's not getting done," I should ask to spearhead it with the ministry's OK and support. There are many mentors who are willing to grow other volunteers like me in service to God.

Go Online as a Last Resort

A few branches privately broadcast the Sunday meetings or later post them on Facebook or publish them as audio podcasts. Reach out to your ministry for more information. This is a great option when I'm sick or I just want to listen to a spiritual message during the week.

Just Invite Everyone Over

Don't worry about being the perfect host. Boil some spaghetti, make a pot of coffee, and invite the saints over for an impromptu open house, and share some laughs, songs, and testimonies. I've heard so many people reminisce fondly about these types of events.

Give a Kid a Ride

It warms my heart when I see the saints make an effort to bring youth to Church functions, especially when those youth don't have family members who can fill this role. One of my best memories as a pre-teen was when I was invited to join a caravan of young people and MBA officers — traveling 14 hours overnight and across two states — to attend a Southwest MBA Camp weekend in New Mexico.

I'd love to hear from you! How do you revive the spirit of gathering in yourself when you feel it begin to wane?

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