Three Days Before My Wedding

Written by Sister Leanna (Valenti) Rozzelle on Monday, October 21, 2019. Posted in Miracles

Three Days Before My Wedding

For Miracle Monday, we're sharing an experience sent by Sister Leanna (Valenti) Rozzelle. Hold on tight; it's a thriller.

It was September 18, 2019 — just three days before my wedding. I set off for a quick trip to the grocery store. As I attempted to turn left into the store's parking lot, I was hit by an oncoming car. The next thing I knew, my windshield and windows were shattered, both airbags deployed, and I found myself in the passenger seat of my vehicle. When I saw the vehicle that hit me, my legs almost gave out from under me. It was a huge truck. I knew right away that God had protected me.

I ended up needing to go to the ER, as I had a bump on my head and a large gash that needed five stitches to close. I at first was feeling a little sorry for myself, knowing I was going to still be sore and have cuts and bruises at my wedding. But, as I looked at my mangled car and the dented truck, I continuously thanked God for His protection.

Later the same day, as I was getting ready to go meet up with the girls in my bridal party, I received a message from a sister who I'd met this past summer at GMBA camp and who was in my seminar. She asked me to call her. Before I had an opportunity to call, she ended up getting in contact with my mom.

She went on to tell my mom that, about a week ago, she'd had a dream that I was in a car accident. In her dream, I was laying in the street, and my parents were standing there, saying, "I can't believe this happened three days before her wedding."

This dear sister then continued to keep me in prayer that whole week leading up to my accident. I'm so thankful that God prompted her to pray and that He heard her prayers.

Looking back, I have no doubt that without God's mercy, there would have been no wedding, and I wouldn't be here today. I'm so thankful that He preserved me once again.

Perfect Timing

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  • Sister Cindy bright

    Sister Cindy bright

    23 October 2019 at 06:36 |
    Praise God for his blessings upon each of our Sisters. I love the Lord and all he does for us.


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