Three Brave Kids and Ol' King Neb

Written by Sister Erin Light on Thursday, January 30, 2014. Posted in Devotional

Three Brave Kids and Ol' King Neb

We hope you enjoy this Seussian re-telling of the story of the three Hebrew children (Daniel 3). This is the sequel to last week's poem.

In the book of Daniel, Chapter three,
We read about the fire and heat
That could not burn the three boys down,
Shad, Rack, and Ben who would not bow.

They would not bow before the king.
They would not bow before his ring.
They would not bow before his likeness.
They would not bow out of fright-ness.
They would not bow upon the ground.
They would not, could not bow down.
They worshiped not the idol of gold
That eyes could see and hands could hold.

When the decree ordered all to bow,
The three Hebrew children stood proud.
But someone spied them defying the law
And tattled to King Neb about what they saw.

The king could not believe his ears,
"These insolent boys have no fear!
Turn the furnace up a notch —
Make it seven times too hot!
Rope them,
Throw them
In the fire!
Make those
Flames rise!
Higher, higher!"

Guards threw the boys in one by one,
But those guards burned up before the job was done.
Then ol' King Neb gasped with fright!
Was it?
Could it be?
A trick of the light?
"Three—no wait—four I spy!"
Ol' King Neb said in surprise,
"Get out of there!" And out they came.
"Your God has saved you from the flame!"

King Neb marveled, the stories say,
Seeing their ropes burned clear away.
Not even a hair was out of place.
Not even the smell of smoke — no trace!
The Hebrew children left the fire,
And they did so with a knowing smile.
They thanked God
Their lives were saved!
They did not burn!
They did not bake!
They did not incinerate!
They did not melt!
They did not cringe!
They did not smell!
They did not singe!

King Neb then posted a new decree:
"Worship their God instantly!
But beware,
If you do not heed,
I'll turn you into a rubbish heap!"

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  • Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Teri-Lyn Tunno

    30 January 2014 at 20:58 |
    Oh WOW!!! This was amazing!! Did you create this?? What talent!


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