The Three-Year Miracle

Written by Sister Erin Light on Monday, August 11, 2014. Posted in Miracles

The Three-Year Miracle

We hope you enjoyed last week's YIA series! Today, we're bringing you a school-related miracle from Sister Erin Light told timeline-style. Click here to share your school testimonies with us!

January 2010

A new college grad, I received a job offer from a memory lab at UCSD that had no posted openings. In August, I started working full-time doing memory research on veterans at the V.A. Hospital.

August 2010

The job turned out to be a Godsend. I had a federal government salary with benefits for a two-year timeline. Plus, the laboratory professor's prominence in neuroscience guaranteed me acceptance to any graduate program. His letters of recommendation carried that much weight.

August 2011

Preparing for my job's termination in a year, I applied to five graduate programs.

May 2012

I received five rejection letters from all the universities to the surprise of myself, my family, and especially my professor, who had never in 40 years had an employee receive a rejection letter. I continued to pray, trusting God would reveal everything in time.

July 2012

My mother, Sister Carolyn Light, was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I praised God for my rejection letters. Had I started graduate school in fall 2012, I would have dropped out to take care of Mom during treatment.

August 2012

My professor requested that I work an extra year because I was valuable to the lab.

November 2012

Because I continued working at the VA, I was located a mere mile from where Mom got her radiation treatments. My professor graciously granted longer lunches so I could visit her almost every day for two months.

January 2013

Mom finished treatments and began the road to recovery.

February 2013

Mom helped me search again for graduate programs and found one I had overlooked at USC. I realized it was ideal in more ways that I can explain. My love for the aging population had deepened through my job experience, and I applied.

March 2013

I began my one and only one graduate application to USC. Before I had even turned in all the required documents, I received an early-acceptance letter from based on my GPA, my professor's letter of recommendation, my CV, and the Lord's handiwork. Praise God! When I couldn't see far enough ahead, He could and worked everything out perfectly.

I pray this will be an encouragement to you to continue to pray patiently for whatever decisions are in your life.

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3 Nephi 24-27

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