The Spotless Stain Miracle

Written by IMOC on Thursday, October 02, 2014. Posted in Miracles

The Spotless Stain Miracle

Last week, we shared a testimony from the Levittown Branch about how the wine spilled during the Lord's Supper and something most unexpected followed. Today, we're sharing a similar but different experience that happened in the mission field.

This miracle occurred when Brother Alan and Sister Bonnie M. were in Colombia. Brother Alan was administering communion, and while preparing the wine, accidentally knocked over the glass.

Sister Bonnie was concerned that the cloth would be stained. She went to clean it up after the meeting. When she removed the top cloth after the service, she did not see any stain at all. The cloth was perfectly clean — symbolic of the cleansing blood of Christ that washes away the stain of sin.

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