The Season of –ING

Written by Sister Michelle Watson on Thursday, December 18, 2014. Posted in Devotional

The Season of –ING

Recently, our Sunday school teacher in Irvine said of Christmas, "It's the season of –ING." Immediately, I thought, "YES!"


Whew! An exhausting list of verbs, that is. I'm ready for a nap just thinking about my unfinished Christmas to-do list. Are you?

Then, the teacher said something I didn't expect. He said,

"This year, I'm not going to let things that mean nothING keep me from experiencING the one thING that means everythING."

Ah, the season of –ING...

Me too. I don't want to let shopping, cooking, wrapping, traveling, and socializing distract me to the point that I miss out on experiencing the "one thing needful." Remember where that phrase comes from? The story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10.

Martha would've been great at Christmas. She probably prepared Pinterest-ready table settings with moist meats, fragrant breads, and drool-worthy desserts. Decorations just so. The entire house spick and span. There is merit in this, for sure, but Jesus puts it quickly in perspective when the pressure of planning a picture-perfect gathering becomes too much for Martha.

"One thing is needful," Jesus said in verse 42. And I believe He still says it over and over to us, especially at this time of year.

"Michelle, Michelle," He whispers, "It's fine to carefully select gifts, but have you carefully read My word today?"

"Michelle, Michelle, you're taking time off work to travel to see family, but have you taken time to really pray to Me lately?"

Decking the halls and baking up a storm are all well and good at Christmastime. But they aren't needful. This year, I don't want to forfeit the one thing I do need so that I can have time to do a bunch of things that don't really matter in the end.

I want my season of –ING to be about


And most of all...


What –ING is most needful for you this time of year?

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  • Diana Houlihan

    Diana Houlihan

    18 December 2014 at 07:59 |
    I have written over 1700 poems. Each year I write a Christmas poem. However, this year I couldn't come up with a poem and I mentioned this to God in prayer. No more than a few seconds later God gave me these words....

    Once a year we place Jesus in a manger.
    Then we tuck baby Jesus in a box
    and place him back on a shelf.
    Somehow, even during the Christmas season, some,
    tend to lose the meaning of why this all came about.
    As we open our Christmas presents, sometimes,
    we forget how through his birth, death and resurrection,
    Jesus, opened up His Father's heavenly gates.
    Salvation arrived at Jesus birth,
    but HIs suffering and victory over death,
    is daily, what we should think of and praise.

    by Sister Diana Houlihan


  • Sister Kim K.

    Sister Kim K.

    18 December 2014 at 08:14 |


  • Josie Jasmin

    Josie Jasmin

    18 December 2014 at 21:10 |
    I just loved this message and I have another ING. Gospeling about Jesus Christ to the world.

    Love in Christ Jesus,
    Sister Josie J


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