The Power of a Pair

Written by Sister Natalie Shawver on Tuesday, January 12, 2016. Posted in Special Series

The Power of a Pair

God told Adam that He would make a companion for him so he wouldn't go through life alone. (Hello, Eve!) And God gave us His Son so we'd never be alone, either. Adam had someone to lean on — and the Lord knew we'd need someone in this life, too.

Our "someones" are named Brother Paul and Sister Sharon. They are Sister Dianne and Brother Joel. Or, maybe they are in your Sunday school or MBA class. They attend your branch or mission each Sunday, but they also attend thousands of miles away. How is this possible?

We're a part of the family of God, and that means staying connected and being there for each other, especially when it comes to studying scripture. Perhaps you're stumbling over a chapter in Revelations and want to chat with someone about it. Or, maybe you need the accountability of a study partner who is following the same Bible-in-a-year reading plan that you are.

The Gospel Blog Committee is happy to announce Power of a Pair, a partnership that connects you with another Gospel Blog reader who wants — and maybe needs — a reading buddy for 2016.

Here's what you need to know:


Any Gospel Blog reader who wants to participate!


Click here to complete the participant form, and you'll be paired with someone for 2016 — and maybe beyond!


Fill out this form by Jan. 26 to secure your spot in this year's program. We'll contact you by Feb. 1 with your partner's information — and you take it from there!

The Details

You may be paired with someone you know — or you may not. We'll definitely pair you with someone of your same gender, and we'll try and pair you with someone in your same general age range. Regardless, the scripture-reading relationship is up to both of you. You decide what you'd like your pairing to be about. Here are some ideas:

  • Pick something to study (the book of Romans, Lehi's dream, the concept of forgiveness) and contact each other periodically (weekly, daily?) and communicate about what you've read — via email, Facebook, telephone … you decide!
  • Commit to reading through the Bible or Book of Mormon in a year. Find a reading plan that you both like, and, for accountability, text each other daily when you've completed the assigned reading.
  • After each class or church service you attend, explain to your partner what scriptural truths you took away from the session.
  • Be each other's "verse of the day." Text, tweet, message, or email each other a thought-provoking, comforting, or inspiring verse from your daily reading.

There are tons of other ideas, too. Decide together what you want to do. We'll connect you two, and you do the rest.

We hope you take advantage of this fun adventure! Remember, fill out this form by Jan. 26 to secure your spot!

God bless you in 2016!
The GospelBlog Committee

P.S. We will never share any of the information you provide with anyone (except your assigned partner, of course) for any reason. Period.

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