The Never-ending Class

Written by Sister Zarella Mosqueda on Monday, September 15, 2014. Posted in Miracles

The Never-ending Class

Today's school-related Miracle Monday is from Sister Zarella Mosqueda.

It seems as though we hear more and more about school shootings on the news. Names like Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Virginia Tech are recognized nationwide. Events such as these prick our sense of well-being and stir our minds. Politicians and news people soon step in, and they aimlessly try to find the culprit.

My miracle is about the One who is responsible for keeping me safe, the One who watches over me each day and keeps me from harm, even if I am not aware of it.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, my professor would always make sure to dismiss us at least 15 minutes before class should end. Perhaps he was just as eager to leave as we were, or maybe he simply had other plans. Either way, we never hit the 3:20 p.m. mark.

Oddly enough, one particular day, my professor lost track of time. We sat there unaware that we were well past the time allotted, and the students for the next class began trotting in. On top of that, my professor insisted that everyone stay and wait till he passed out every exam to each student.

Ten minutes later, we walked out of the classroom to find several police officers in the vicinity. While we were in the never-ending class, a student had been arrested for having a fully loaded handgun on campus.

The Lord delayed my professor. Had we been dismissed at the regular time, we would have come face to face with the gunman.

I thank and praise my Lord for always keeping me safe and for not allowing the enemy to have his way.

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