The Lord Is My Real Estate Agent

Written by Brother Jerry Valenti on Thursday, December 05, 2013. Posted in Devotional

The Lord Is My Real Estate Agent

David was a shepherd. He was a good shepherd. He may well have thought, "If my sheep could talk, they would say, 'David is my shepherd, I don't need anything.'"

He may have thought his sheep were so comfortable with him as shepherd that they were willing to lie down in the green pastures (which many sheep were not comfortable doing). Or that they appreciated him inspiring them to reach the top of the mountain (table-land) where the best grass was. Or that he took the time to anoint their heads with oil to keep away harmful insects.

Yet, no matter how well he cared for his sheep, David realized that the Lord cared for him even better. Thus, one day, he composed his most famous psalm (No. 23) in which he imagined the Lord as his shepherd and used various metaphors unique to his profession to describe the relationship between the Lord and himself.

Did you ever think of trying this with your own profession? Imagine a psalm that uses terms from your profession to describe your relationship with the Lord. It could begin with any of these:

  • The Lord is my optometrist, I see clearly
  • The Lord is my auditor, my errors are being eliminated
  • The Lord is my repairman, my life has been fixed
  • The Lord is my builder, I have a solid foundation
  • The Lord is my driver, I avoid the potholes of life
  • The Lord is my teacher, I learn important lessons
  • The Lord is my navigator, I’m headed in the right direction
  • The Lord is my hair stylist, the strands of my life fall into place
  • The Lord is my photographer, my picture is in focus
  • The Lord is my accountant, my life is in balance
  • The Lord is my caregiver, I’m well taken care of
  • The Lord is my football coach, my best plays get called
  • The Lord is my insurance agent, I’m in good hands
  • The Lord is my author, I read the best books
  • The Lord is my president, my healthcare is covered (for real with Him)
  • The Lord is my mobile phone provider, I receive messages wherever I go
  • The Lord is my waiter, I get what I ask for
  • The Lord is my software designer, my best features get used
  • The Lord is my lawyer, I’m well represented
  • The Lord is my retirement specialist, my future is secure
  • The Lord is my real estate agent, my permanent home is in a great neighborhood!
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