The Life Transformation Thing

Written by Sister Michelle Watson on Wednesday, May 06, 2015. Posted in Devotional

The Life Transformation Thing

Today, I'd like to pause my busy life and take a moment for a little self-reflection. For whatever reason, this question has been on my heart the past few weeks: "How confident am I in God's power to transform me?"

In Romans 12:2, Paul urges, "Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God."

Many times, I'm very eager to acknowledge my sin and repent ... but I'm not as eager to make the long-term changes required to overcome a repetitive sinful behavior that's been plaguing me (in other words, allow the Lord to transform a sinful pattern into a godly one).

Keep in mind, I'm talking about repetitive sinful behaviors that are my quintessential weak spots. Whatever it is, I'd rather just keep on doing it, feeling terrible about it afterward, and then repenting of it. A dangerous pattern to fall into, right?

For example, let's say I have a bad temper. It's a rare day when my short fuse doesn't blow. I end up hurting people's feelings, getting defensive at first and then eventually regretting the things I said and did. I apologize to the person and repent to God. And it all starts over again tomorrow. I tell myself, "I can't help it. It's just the way I am." And I don't really think it's a big deal, nor do I feel the need to work on changing it.

But when I take a step back, it's crazy to think that I'd actually prefer that vicious cycle to the freedom that comes with squashing the sinful behavior and putting it behind me.

So, that's why I'm asking myself, "How confident am I in God's power to transform me?" And even more importantly, "Do I want God to transform me?"

Sadly, many times, I think I tell God, "Nah, don't change me. I believe in You, and I love You, and I know that I need Your salvation, but ... I'm just not up for the whole life transformation thing. I know that You accept me just as I am, and I think that's enough."

Yes, the Lord accepts me just as I am, but He doesn't want to leave me there. If I skip out on the "life transformation thing," then I'm missing so much! And I'm settling for so much less.

I want to feel excited about the person God is transforming me into — not some boring carbon copy of the person in the pew next to me, but a unique instrument that He's using to play a distinctive and wonderful melody.

So what about you? Are you up for the life transformation thing?

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  • enza Pusillo

    enza Pusillo

    06 May 2015 at 08:21 |
    Loved this, and it makes me think, " do we want to be clay in the potter's hand"? It always breaks down to one simple answer," am I willing to submit me for him"?


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