The Lady Who Felt Sorry for Me on Thanksgiving

Written by Brother P. on Tuesday, April 28, 2020. Posted in Devotional

The Lady Who Felt Sorry for Me on Thanksgiving

Today's article is another installment in Brother P.'s column, "Lessons From the Nursing Home."

A big part of my job is helping people in a nursing home to walk, but sometimes I learn lessons that could have been preached from the pulpit at church.

I went to work this last Thanksgiving morning, and a little lady that I walk with told me that she was very sorry that I had to come into work on Thanksgiving, and unless I am remembering it wrong, I believe I saw her eyes water a little.

Let me first tell you about my great sacrifice. I went into work to walk with a few people for a few hours on the morning of Thanksgiving. Afterward, I had Thanksgiving dinner with my family — and my family puts on a Thanksgiving that would out-Thanksgiving most others. Lots of food, lots of family, sometimes even games and some time to talk about our blessings.

Let me tell you about the lady feeling sorry for me. She is a little lady who will spend the rest of her life in a nursing home. She has an abusive family who only visit her in the nursing home when they think they may be able to get money from her. Oh yeah, she also had both legs amputated just below the knees. Her Thanksgiving consisted of institutional food, no visitors, and a roommate who cannot hear or see her.

And SHE felt bad for ME! Talk about putting another’s situation above your own! Talk about being humbled! Reminds me of a situation Jesus found Himself in — check out Luke 23:34.

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  • Brother Gary Thompson

    Brother Gary Thompson

    28 April 2020 at 03:06 |
    Wow. Thanks for sharing Brother.


  • Karen Pezzenti

    Karen Pezzenti

    28 April 2020 at 07:10 |
    Thank you Bro Patrick--I always relate to your articles and brings me back to when I also worked in nursing homes--always so easy to get so attached to these wonderfully wise, precious people! Thank you for always bringing back precious memories!


  • Suzanne Beeman

    Suzanne Beeman

    28 April 2020 at 11:01 |
    Brother P

    I don't know who you are, but you are one of my most favorite bloggers. Always a powerful message. This one really puts my life in perspective.

    Thank you


  • ISHMAEL Humphrey

    ISHMAEL Humphrey

    29 April 2020 at 08:52 |
    I too enjoy reading the Gospel Blog. I look forward to seeing Brother P's articles, not a lot of words but wonderful messages.


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