The Faithful Fly for Free

Written by Sister KarenJo Pandone on Monday, May 23, 2016. Posted in Miracles

The Faithful Fly for Free

For today's Miracle Monday, we're sharing a travel-related experience from Sister KarenJo Pandone. Enjoy!

My husband, Michael, and I recently went to Calgary, Alberta in an effort to share the Gospel with the Native Americans in that area. We had a wonderful week with the Turley family and in all the meetings that we had with the various native groups. Early on Monday morning, the time came to leave, and Brother Rob and Sis Brenda formed a circle with us and asked the Lord to protect our travels home.

When I completed the online check-in for our flights the day before, the airline asked if we would be willing to give up our seats should the need arise. I said yes, which I've done many times before, but the airlines had never actually taken me up on this offer. I told Michael about it and excitedly said, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could actually get vouchers for our next trip to Calgary this year?" Times are not easy and the NAOC budget, like all other budgets, has been drastically cut.

We arrived in plenty of time at the Calgary airport and I told the agent when we were checking our luggage that we'd give up our seats if the flight was overbooked. He added our names to a list and said we'd be notified at the gate.

As we were sitting at the gate, waiting to board the plane, they called our names along with several others. I quickly went to the counter and the agent asked if we'd be willing to give up our seats — prayer answered! The agent apologized, said they were desperately looking for volunteers, and would give us $500 vouchers in exchange. I told her, "No problem, we'd be happy to get the next flight." (And then I thought to myself, "Next trip to Calgary is paid for!" Thank you, Lord!)

Thankfully, the next flight left in an hour and routed us through Seattle, so we'd get home four hours later than the original itinerary … but we were just grateful for the vouchers. Upon boarding the first flight, we realized our seats were in first class! Another praise God moment! Neither of us had ever flown first class, so we really enjoyed the luxury.

We had a three-hour layover in Seattle, but we quickly made our way to the gate since our seats were not assigned. We were told to return closer to the departure time. No problem. We had a leisurely lunch and kept remarking about how blessed we were to have flown first class and to have vouchers for our next trip.

Soon, I noticed a monitor posting the seat assignments. I looked at the screen and said, "I'd better put on my glasses; that can't be right." I couldn't believe my eyes. I grabbed Michael's arm and said, "You're not going to believe this! We're in first class again!" We were both in shock. Sure enough, we boarded early and enjoyed very comfortable seats, a delicious meal, and a free movie on the flight home.

In this day of delayed flights, cramped seats, and next to no amenities on most airline carriers, this was a most unexpected trip. God is Good all the time and takes care of our needs! We feel truly blessed and are looking forward to our next free trip to Calgary.

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  • Linda Scolaro

    Linda Scolaro

    23 May 2016 at 09:12 |
    Beautiful blessing. God bless you both as you work for Him.


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