The Christmas Story as Told by the New Star

Written by Sister Alena X. Ricci and Sister Rebecca Stowell on Friday, December 13, 2013. Posted in Special Series, Holidays

The Christmas Story as Told by the New Star

Welcome back to the Christmas Character Series! Today's story is written by Sister Alena X. Ricci, and the artwork is by Sister Rebecca Stowell. 

I am new. It is dark out, but I am not.

The Creator has sent me to be something that no other has ever been, or ever will be.

I am a beacon. I am a guide.

But I am also a witness.

I watch men of riches and wealth kneel before the baby and offer Him gifts that other men have not. I watch poor men, leading animals, to the baby and offer Him nothing but reverence and awe, and for this small family, it is enough.

I move so that these rich men can always see me, and when they do see me, they rejoice. They recognize the glory that is not mine, but is the Creator's — the Father's.

But what I see that I love most is the simplicity that is this baby. I am told that this child will grow to die for these people, and yet here He is: an innocent baby.

I'm looking down into this stable, and I see those little hands wrap around His mother's fingers. She smiles down, with pure love showing in her eyes, and I see the earthly father beam with pride at his son.

This baby, this Savior, lays in the dirtiest of places, on the outskirts of a place that He will die to give redemption to.

I want to shine so bright that the world cannot ignore me, so that they cannot ignore what I guide them to.

I wish I could just scream and tell them all that this is Jesus Christ. This is the Emmanuel. This child has come down for them, they are no longer lost, and they have a Savior!

If only they could see what I see. If only they could see the angels singing a song of hope because the Messiah has come. If only they knew what this simple night means for the history of their world.

I am new, just like the baby that lies below me. It is dark out, but I am not, because I am the star that shines so men may come and meet their Jesus.

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