The Christmas Story as Told by Mary

Written by Cristina Scolaro and Brother Andrew McNamara on Tuesday, December 24, 2013. Posted in Special Series, Holidays

The Christmas Story as Told by Mary

Happy Christmas Eve! Today, we bring you the final installment in our Christmas Character Series. Today's article was written by 10-year-old Cristina Scolaro, and Brother Andrew McNamara provided the artwork — yesterday's illustration of Joseph was only part of the larger picture.

One day, an angel named Gabriel came to me and told me that I was favored by God and that I would be the mother of the son of God. I thought, Me, the mother of God's son? That's a huge responsibility!

I was very surprised, and then a thought so great struck me like lightning. "Gabriel, what will people think of me? And surely Joseph will be frightened and upset!" I exclaimed. Gabriel replied, "Do not fear, Mary!" and then he went away. I pondered those things in my heart, and trusted in God.

Joseph and I got married, and we had to go to Bethlehem because Joseph needed to pay his taxes. The baby was coming soon, and I thought, How am I going to make this trip? The journey was very uncomfortable for me, but Joseph did all he could to help me.

When we arrived, there was no place for us to stay—we had to sleep where the animals were kept. That night, the baby was born. I thought, Is this a place for the Son of God? I had nothing to put him in except for the manger that was there.

Suddenly, shepherds came in, saying, "The angels told us that the Savior was born." How did they know he was here? When they knelt down and worshiped him, I knew that what the angel told me was true. Later, men from faraway countries arrived with rich gifts—gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Why would they bring these things to us? I never saw things like this in my whole life!

They told us that a star led them to where we were, and that they came to worship the King of the Jews. Everything that happened was proof that I was favored by God. I was so grateful for that, but more importantly, I was blessed to know that God was with us.

When we brought baby Jesus to the temple, a very old brother and sister said they were waiting for this day to come. It seemed like the whole world had been waiting for my baby to be born. I didn't really know what all of this meant, but I knew if I kept close to God, then he would guide me and show me how to raise Jesus, His son.

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Thank you for joining us for this special Christmas series. If you enjoyed the stories and artwork by your brothers and sisters, please leave a comment of encouragement!


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