The Book of You (Omni)

Written by Brother Jerry Valenti on Wednesday, April 12, 2017. Posted in Scripture Study

The Book of You (Omni)

The Book of Omni (similar to the preceding books of Enos and Jarom) consists of only a single chapter. However, the title of this book is actually misleading. Omni, the son of Jarom, refers to himself as a wicked man with no relationship with God and, as a result, adds only three verses to the record before passing it on to his son, Amaron.

Amaron, also with nothing to say regarding a relationship with God, adds a mere five verses and passes the record to his brother Chemish, who wins the prize for the shortest “book,” writing just a single verse — and using that verse to call out his brother for waiting to write his part until the day he passed the record over!

The Book of Omni continues in this manner, illustrating what happens when people who have no substantive relationship with God are called upon to write a “book” about what God has done in their lives.

There is another book being written today — at this very moment, even as you read these words. It is called “The Book of You.” It’s not being engraved on plates, and it may not be written on paper or typed into a computer, but it is unfolding day by day, and you are a firsthand witness to it.

The Book of You is a compilation of everything that God has done in your life. It’s not your biography — that would be what you have done. Rather, it’s what God has done — how He called you into His family, how He has blessed your life, how He answered your prayers, how He provided for you. In essence, it’s your entire testimony, encompassing your entire life as a child of God.

The Book of You includes:

  • All the Miracle Monday blogs and Blessing Bits you’ve personally submitted (as well as the ones you keep meaning to submit).
  • All the testimonies you’ve given at church (at least the ones that praise God).
  • Everything else God has done for you, large or small, even if you are the only who is aware of it.

Perhaps you’re feeling like your Book of You is a bit slim right now. What to do? Here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure your relationship with God is solid. If you’ve not begun your walk with Christ, then that’s the first step you need to take.
  • Put more things in the hands of God. The more that you trust the Lord with things in your life, the more you will see Him work in your life.
  • Increase your church involvement. God is moving within the church — if you’re involved, then what He is doing will be part of your Book of You.
  • Do more to help others. You will then witness and even be part of God providing for others, which will then be part of your Book of You.
  • You may even want to take a crack at actually writing the Book of You. As the hymn says about counting your blessings, “It will surprise you what the Lord has done.”

Hopefully, your personal Book of You will continue to grow regularly so that by the end of your life, it will be quite voluminous. Here’s wishing each and every one of you a big fat Book of You!

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  • Brother Gary Thompson

    Brother Gary Thompson

    12 April 2017 at 09:19 |
    Truly awesome Brother Jerry. GOD Bless.


  • Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Teri-Lyn Tunno

    17 April 2017 at 18:17 |
    Reading your blog intrigued me to go read the book of Omni and reread your blog. I was wondering how they chose who would write in this book. You would think that Jacob, who ministered much unto his people, surely would have a son who had a relationship with God. I noticed that there wasn't much mentioned as to the lineage of Jacob other than the passing of the plates.


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