The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Written by Sister Michelle Watson on Thursday, December 12, 2019. Posted in Devotional

The Best Christmas Gift Ever

It's Christmastime! It's here!

What is Christmas all about? If you're under the age of 12 or so, then Christmas is all about gifts. Gifts, for sure. Cookies might come in a close second.

I'm 100 percent joking, of course, but I do have a point. We put a lot of time and effort (and dollars) into gift-giving at this time of year, more than any other. So, let's talk gifts.

On both sides of my family, we buy gifts for just the kids. The adults may get a little stocking stuffer, or (oh, joy!) something knitted by me. But, to save money, time, and grief, we buy for kids only. (Unless you are my mom, who is immune to this rule.)

When a child receives the gift of a new toy, especially a special toy that they've been reeeeeeeally wanting, a toy that immediately captivates a little heart, there are several things that can happen next:

  • Excitement surrounding the new toy fades, and it quickly becomes, well, just another toy.
  • The toy soon breaks, and nobody has a screwdriver small enough to fix it.
  • The toy doesn't work as hoped, and it ends up being a disappointment.
  • Somehow, the toy gets lost. Lost! The child is heartbroken.
  • The toy is perfect in every way, and the child forms a strong attachment to it. The child and the toy spend several happy years together, but eventually, the toy wears out, or the child outgrows it. The toy gets retired, and the child moves on.

Chances are you've been a first-hand witness to one or more of these scenarios.

As Christians, we know that Christmas is not about material gifts that can be boxed, wrapped, and tucked under a tree. It's about the great gift of Jesus Christ and salvation! For many of us, when we first realized the true worth of this incredible gift, we felt like children — in awe and wonder at such magnificence.

The gift of the gospel isn't subject to the common scenarios that befall dolls, trains, blocks, and games. See, here:

  • Excitement surrounding the gospel doesn't (have to) fade. The gospel will never get tossed onto the heap of other religious beliefs as just another one of many. Actually, our excitement and joy in the gospel grow even greater with time!
  • The gospel will never break. It remains as perfect as it was on the day we found it. Throw whatever you want at it; put it to the test. It won't fail.
  • The gospel doesn't disappoint. We may experience periods of questioning, doubt, and disillusionment, but — amazingly — the gospel is resilient through these challenges, and our faith emerges even stronger after it's tested.
  • The gospel abides. God never leaves us alone. Even when He feels far away (or when we lose our way), His eye is always upon us, monitoring and nurturing our development.
  • The gospel lasts a lifetime, and we can never outgrow it. It stays miraculously fresh and new no matter how long we've had it. As we grow and mature, the gospel expands along with our mind and heart beyond anything we could've imagined.

So, as we gather together on Christmas and exchange those exciting gifts, let's not neglect to share the great gift of the gospel with those near and dear to us. It's truly the most perfect thing anyone could possibly receive.

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