Thankful for What??

Written by Sister Alena X. Ricci on Wednesday, August 13, 2014. Posted in Devotional

Thankful for What??

We recently had our feetwashing service, and it left me stunned.

Normally, I try not to listen to the prayer of the person washing my feet because that's between them and God. However, this past week, I couldn't stop listening.

"Thank You for this opportunity that I have to wash her feet."

Those were the words out of this sister's mouth as she cried and washed my feet.


Why would this sister, who has been in the Gospel for years and who has known me since I was a baby, be thankful to literally wash my feet?

Why was I that important to her?

After I heard those words, I wasn't able to grasp anything else that was said through the meeting because I was so stunned that someone considered me so important that they actually thanked God that they could wash my feet.

Who am I that this meant something to someone?

At that point in time, I felt very much like how I imagine Naomi did when Ruth chose to stay with her.

Surprised. Stunned. Baffled.

A little bit confused.

But loved.

That's the crazy thing that each of our new members has experienced this year in our branch: this crazy all-consuming love that is the church.

That love is always there. It's in every "good morning" on Sundays; it's in every hug and handshake; it's in every word spoken.

But it also really hits you — like at feetwashing or communion.

What I realized is that the love of God is like a concrete sidewalk. It's always there—every Sunday we experience it in the little things — but sometimes it really makes itself known, like when you fall and scrape your knee. The love of God humbles us during feetwashing.

What I realized that feetwashing Sunday is that I'm no one really important to the world. But to this sister who has children and grandchildren to worry about, I am important. I am important enough that she got on her knees and cried, thanking God that she got to wash my feet.

I realized that the love of God is not only powerful and omnipresent, but it's humbling too. And the humbling experiences are the most powerful of all.

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