Taking the Gospel Where It Is Not

Written by Sister Alena X. Ricci on Tuesday, July 21, 2015. Posted in Devotional

Taking the Gospel Where It Is Not

We recently had an evangelist ordination in our branch, and one of the definitions I heard is that an evangelist is someone who brings the Gospel where it is not.

And I like that definition because, in my mind, I immediately started thinking of those in Africa or in Nepal or the poverty I saw for myself in Guatemala City.

It was stressed, however, that this definition doesn't just apply to places that aren't Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It applies at home, too.

But what we didn't mention is that when we say, "An evangelist is someone who brings the Gospel where it is not," the "where" does not just mean a place or a group of people. It can mean a single person — literally anywhere.

I know myself, and I know that I tend to focus on numbers and groups. And I believe large groups are fantastic, but that one person is still just as integral. It's important to understand that my friend who sat next to me all semester in my poetry class is a "place where the Gospel is not," and, therefore, it is my duty and part of my calling as a member to present the Gospel for her to accept or not.

And that is the hard part. It is easy to recognize where the Gospel isn't. It is easy to think up strategies to share what we know. It is easy to sit in church and say, "Tomorrow I'm going to share the Gospel with my co-workers." But, in reality, is it easy?

I am a strong believer in the idea that we as individuals are placed on this planet and brought into the Gospel to change the world for someone. I believe that somewhere, at some point in time, each one of us will — if you haven't already — share the Gospel with someone else.

And the truth remains that this is a very hard thing to do, and there's a reason why not every single person who professes Christianity isn't a missionary living outside of the U.S. But, at the end of the day, He said to feed His sheep and to care for the least of them, and if that means turning to the person next to me and just talking, then that's what it is.

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  • Henry


    21 July 2015 at 12:10 |
    I'd just like to pass on another way to help spread the gospel and it's simply this:-

    Include a link to an online gospel tract (e.g. www.freecartoontract.com/animation) as part of your email signature.

    An email signature is a piece of customizable HTML or text that most email programs will allow you to add to all your outgoing emails. For example, it commonly contains name and contact details - but it could also (of course) contain a link to a gospel tract.

    For example, it might say something like, "p.s. you might like this gospel cartoon ..." or "p.s. have you seen this?".


  • Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Teri-Lyn Tunno

    22 July 2015 at 20:53 |
    Really appreciated your blog message!! Love how it makes me look at things differently. :)


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