Spread the Good Word & Trivia Answers

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Spread the Good Word & Trivia Answers

Today's Good Word comes from Sister Karen Watford. Here's why she loves Psalm 30:5.

God has His reasons for weeping and for joy — all of which serve a greater purpose. Through our times of weeping, we can learn the greatest lessons, become more humble, and grow closer to God because we realize our smallness before the Lord. Without joy, we lose hope and feel lost. When we feel joy, we wish to share it with everyone and especially with our Father in appreciation of His goodness. When I am in the midst of trouble, I take comfort in the fact that I will learn something good for my soul and that it won't last forever ... because God promised that the morning and joy will come and, oh, how sweet they are!

Send us your favorite scripture, and we'll make it our next Good Word Friday!

Answers to Last Week's Trivia

As promised, we're revealing the answers to last week's Genesis trivia. We also have a list of those who participated and sent in their answers. We were going to post how many questions they each got right, but then we realized — hey, it's not about who wears the smartiest pants. It's about learning more about God's word. So, here are the brothers and sisters who were leafing through Genesis with you last week!

Brother Jim Huttenberger
Sister Enza Pusillo
Brother AJ Cuerrier
Sister Ruth Gehly
Sister Josie Jasmin

1. After Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the forbidden tree, they realized they weren't wearing clothes so they made themselves garments from sewn fig leaves. After God confronted them with their sin, He replaced these garments with different ones made from what? (Bonus! Explain what prophetic significance these new clothes have.)

A: A coat of animal skins (Gen. 3). This represented the shedding of blood required to cover/atone for sin.

2. You probably remember that Jacob (renamed Israel) had 12 sons which then became 12 tribes. But do you remember that he had a daughter, too? What was her name, and who was her mom?

A: 2. Dinah. Leah. (Gen. 30)

3. What did God create first, the sun or light?

A: Light was created on Day 1. The sun, moon, and stars were Day 4. (Gen. 1)

4. How many times did Abraham lie about his wife Sarah's identity? Who did he claim she was? (Bonus! Which other patriarch did the exact same thing?)

A: Twice. Abraham said Sarah was his sister, once in Egypt, deceiving Pharaoh (Gen. 12), and another time in Gerar, deceiving King Abimelech (Gen. 20). Bonus: Isaac did the same thing with Rebekah, ironically, also in Gerar (Gen. 26).

5. You probably remember that Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery out of jealousy. But that actually wasn't the original plan. What did they initially intend to do, and which brother changed their mind? (Bonus! Joseph was probably how old when he was sold?)

A: Kill him. Reuben. 17 years old. (Gen. 37)

6. After the rain stopped, Noah sent a dove out from the ark to check for dry land. But this wasn't the first bird that flew from the ark — what was it?

A: Raven (Gen. 8)

7. What did Jacob name the place where he saw the ladder to heaven, and what did he call the place where he wrestled with the angelic being? (Bonus! What do those names mean?)

A: Bethel, which means "house of God" (Gen. 28). Peniel, which means "face of God" (Gen. 32)

8. One recurring theme in Genesis is how parents played favorites with their kids — often with disastrous results. Name at least two parents who had a "favorite" child and what were the "golden" kids' names?

A: Sarah favored Isaac over Ishmael (Gen. 21) and Abraham gave Isaac a greater inheritance than all his other children (Gen. 25). Rebekah favored Jacob over Esau, and Isaac favored Esau over Jacob (Gen. 25). Jacob favored Joseph over all his other sons (Gen. 37). You might also say that Laban favored Leah over Rachel (Gen. 29).

9. Judah had three sons, and the oldest two were killed. What were their names? Who killed them and why?

A: Er and Onan. God slew them because they were wicked. (Gen. 38)

10. When Jacob's brothers came to Egypt to buy food during the famine, Joseph recognized them immediately but pretended not to know them. He actually accused them of being what? (Bonus! Which brother did he hold hostage while the others returned home?)

A: Spies. Simeon. (Gen. 42)

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  • Doug Giovannone

    Doug Giovannone

    06 February 2015 at 10:02 |
    Question #4 is not correct. Abraham did not tell a lie. Sarah was indeed his sister, though only half. She was the Daughter of his Father, but not his Mother, which Abraham declared unto Abimelech in Gen. 20:12.


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