Spread the Good Word: Romans 8:28 {PLUS! Gospel Lessons!}

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Spread the Good Word: Romans 8:28 {PLUS! Gospel Lessons!}

Next week, we're starting something new! From time to time, we're going to host Gospel Lessons taught by guest instructors. Our first teacher is Brother Ben Hemmings from San Diego, Calif., formerly Pennsylvania. 

Starting Oct. 9, Brother Ben will post a study-style lesson every Thursday for five weeks. Brother Ben chose a theme for this lesson series. He's exploring the different ways that rocks are used as metaphors in scripture. Rock of revelation? Rock of offense? Rocks used to slay giants. Rocks aimed at sinners. There's a lot to unpack! 

In preparation for the first lesson, read 1 Peter 2:5-9. Look at the bottom of each post for the following week's reading assignment (kind of like the Summer Reading Challenge).

We're so excited about this and hope it helps you dive deeper into scripture!

What's Your Favorite Scripture?

Save today's photo as the lock screen on your phone, and try to commit it to memory this week, or share it with someone who may need a reminder.

Send us your favorite scripture, and tell us why it's your favorite, and we'll make it our next Good Word Friday.

Sister Elizabeth H. from the old Anaheim Branch used to quote Romans 8:28 all the time. I remember the day when I realized that "all things" means not only the good things but the "bad" things too. God can use anything, positive or negative, to bring about His purposes. When I saw the silver lining on this cloud outside my home, it reminded me of this scripture. – Sister Michelle Watson

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