Spread the Good Word: Romans 13:10

Written by GospelBlog on Friday, February 09, 2018. Posted in The Good Word

Spread the Good Word: Romans 13:10

When Jesus Christ walked the earth, He did many amazing things that left people speechless. One of these is when he took hundreds of years of laws — the Law of Moses — and summed it up in two commandments that pretty much anyone can understand. 

1. Love God.

2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Today's Good Word reminds us that we can't keep even these two simple commandments without God's love — without God giving us His love so that we can pass it on to others around us (our neighbors). 

If we want to keep God's commandments, let's humbly ask Him for the help we need to do that in love.

Not every neighbor is neighborly. Not every loved one is lovable. Not every co-worker cooperates. But, with God, we can walk through life as peacemakers, bridge builders, and truth tellers. In the process, we'll hopefully impact people for Christ as well as fulfill a whole slew of commandments in the process. 

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