Spread the Good Word: Psalm 34:14

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Spread the Good Word: Psalm 34:14

If you want a motto for your everyday interactions with other people, here it is. Let's think about how we can all apply today's Good Word in our day-to-day lives.


Depart from Evil

  • Don't place value on evil or worldly things.
  • Don't ally ourselves with people who place value on evil or worldly things.
  • Don't see how close we can get to evil without actually "touching it."

Do Good

  • Let the goodness of God fill us up inside so that it spills over into our outward actions.
  • Don't just think good — let's do it!
  • Ask Jesus for the help we need to bounce back when we fall.

Seek Peace

  • Search the scripture for a godly understanding of what peace is.
  • Pray to God for more inner peace as well as "outer" peace in our relationships with others.

Pursue Peace

  • Try not to stir up trouble with our words or actions.
  • Don't let arguments escalate, and if they do, be the mature one and seek resolution. 
  • Ask God to help us love those who we like least.
  • Recognize that God sent His Son to make peace with us even when we didn't deserve it. Surely we can do the same for our fellow man. 

Simple motto — and profound impact when we follow through. 

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