Spread the Good Word: Omni 1:26

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Spread the Good Word: Omni 1:26

Today's Good Word reminds us of what God requires of us when we come to Him — our whole soul. The scriptures are clear about half-hearted, hypocritical religion, and it's not pretty. God wants it all, not just a part. He wants to be the center sun, not an orbiting star.

Enduring to the end (a phrase also invoked in today's Good Word) is often the process whereby we gradually give more and more of ourselves over to God. It's an exercise in continually submitting to God's authority again and again. Thankfully, He is merciful and patient with us as we figure out just how much of us He really wants!

Fasting and praying are spiritual disciplines that God gave to us because they help us along the journey.

What aspects of today's Good Word hit home most for you? What is God currently asking you to yield or offer over to Him? Can your fasting and prayer life use a boost? Or are you still grappling with the very first step mentioned in this verse: "come unto him"? Wherever you are, God is there with you and ready to patiently help you place one foot in front of another.

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