Spread the Good Word: Mosiah 2:17 (Plus Trivia Answers!)

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Spread the Good Word: Mosiah 2:17 (Plus Trivia Answers!)

Today's Good Word reminds us that when we humble ourselves in service to one another we're not only reflecting the godly example of Jesus Christ when He walked the earth — we're actually serving God himself by serving His creation. May God bless you and inspire you with ways to serve.

Miracles of Jesus Quiz Answers

1. There are 37 miracles recorded in the Gospels that Jesus performed. Of these, how many were healings?
D. 26

2. Jesus showed He had miraculous control of nature how many times?
C. 3 (When he stilled the storm, walked on the water, and withered the fig tree.)

3. When Jesus healed the 10 lepers, how many thanked Him?
A. 1

4. Jesus blessed the five loaves and two fish and that fed how many people?
C. 5,000

5. When Jesus fed another multitude with fish and bread, seven full baskets were left over. How many people were fed in this instance?
B. 4,000

6. Which apostle's mother-in-law did Jesus heal?
D. Peter's

7. One of the miracles of Jesus was the healing of a paralyzed man. What did Jesus heal first, the man of his sins or his physical condition?
B. His sins

8. Who did Jesus heal on the Sabbath that riled the Pharisees?
D. A man with a withered hand

9. Who, besides Lazarus, did Jesus raise from the dead?
A. The only son of a widow

10. When the apostles were fishing after Jesus' resurrection, He was on the shore and asked if they had caught any fish. When they said no, which side of the ship did He tell them to cast the nets on?
C. The right side

How many did you get right?

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