Spread the Good Word: Mosiah 18:8 (Plus a Bonus!)

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Spread the Good Word: Mosiah 18:8 (Plus a Bonus!)

Are you weighed down by a burden right now? If so, then we hope you remember that you don't have to carry it alone. God is ready and willing to make heavy burdens light. How? The church! When Jesus instituted the church, He intended it to serve many purposes, and one of those is as a support group of sorts. He commanded His followers to be His ambassadors on earth, and that means helping one another as Christ helps us. 

The church community does this in several ways: praying for one another, performing acts of service for one another, and supporting one another emotionally via listening and conversation.

Do you need help with a burden? Then it's OK to approach another brother or sister for assistance.

Do you know someone who is carrying a burden but probably won't reach out to you for help? Then reach out to that person first. 

We hope this verse inspires you to step outside your comfort zone and make a connection today.

BONUS: New Scripture Reading Plan!

Earlier this year, Sister Michelle Watson shared how she'd gotten out of the habit of regularly studying God's word and a little reading plan she'd come up with to help her get back on track. We're so thankful to the Lord that this reading plan has been a help to some of you.

Prompted by several requests — and her own need! — here is Sister Michelle's second reading plan. This time, the theme is Endurance, Perseverance, and Patience to go along with her current series of articles on divine delays. The weekly themes are:

Week 1: Commands to Endure

Week 2: Endurance in the Face of Trials

Week 3: Rewards of Endurance

Week 4: Warnings to Remain Steadfast

Weekends: Patience in Waiting

Click here to download a plain, printable version of the plan, or save the image below to your phone or computer. May you be blessed!

Reading Plan Endurance 

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