Spread the Good Word: Matthew 13:23

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Spread the Good Word: Matthew 13:23

Today is the last Friday in October, and we're presenting the last scripture related to our theme Fruitful. This scripture comes from Christ's parable of the sower.

A sower scattered seed (the Word of God) onto various types of ground (people):

  • The wayside
  • Stony places
  • Thorns
  • Good ground

Each of these has a spiritual parallel:

  • The wayside: People who hear the word and don't understand it. The devil immediately snatches away the seed.
  • Stony places: People who hear the word, receive it with joy, but don't allow it to take root. They endure for a while but become offended by persecutions and trials.
  • Thorns: People who hear the word but who are consumed by worldly cares and temptations. These choke the word, and no fruit can grow.
  • Good ground: People who hear the word and understand it. They bear fruit in different amounts.

What kind of ground are you in this parable? Are you a mix? Has your ground changed over time?

If we want more good ground in our heart, then what do we need, according to this verse?

First we need to hear the word — read it, study it, ponder it, listen to it. This should happen inside church and out. Second, we also need to understand it. That might mean talking it out with spiritual mentors and leaders, praying for understanding, and even fasting for enlightenment on very complicated issues.

Hopefully we are all in the process of cultivating our ground so that it becomes more and more "good" as we mature in Christ and our lives bear fruit.

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